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Occlusion: Principles and Treatment

Occlusion: Principles and Treatment
by Jose dos Santos, Jr., Ph.D.

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Postulating that biologic equilibrium of the masticatory system must be a fundamental concern of all restorative dentists, the author hopes to sidestep controversy by presenting a scientific and functional guide to the masticatory system. Key conceptual and diagnostic issues - such as maxillomandibular relations and movement, use of articulators, and differential diagnosis of maxillofacial pain - serve as the foundation for the following chapters, which address clinical aspects of occlusal treatment: diagnosis and treatment protocol, fabrication of bite splints, treatment of temporomandibular disorders, the creation of functional restorations, occlusal adjustment, and treatment of malocclusion. This book should be required reading for all clinicians, so they may understand the effects of their treatment on the patient's occlusion.

Table of Contents

1. Maxillomandibular Relations and Movements

2. Articulators and Their Uses

3. Differential Diagnosis of Maxillofacial Pain

4. Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol

5. Fabrication of Occlusal Bite Splints

6. Conservative Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders

7. Geometric Determinants for Functional Restorations

8. Occlusal Adjustment of the Adult Natural Dentition

9. Interceptive Occlusal Treatment of Malocclusion

  • Rank: #173475 in Books
  • Published on: 2007-09-30
  • Original language: English
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • 240 pages

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